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MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR 1.00

MySQL 2 Excel KonvertR is a small application that automatically exports the entire contents of a MySQL Database to an Excel Workbook, without using ODBC!


  • Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Excel (almost any version!)
  • MySQL (almost any version!)
  • You must have proper access rights & connection privileges to your MySQL database

MySQL Database 2 Excel KonvertR

This program is now freeware. Download the full version and use at it your own risk. By clicking this download link you accept that Tom Churm has no responsibility whatsoever if something goes wrong. This application is offered as-is with no guarantees whatsoever.



  • All tables of MySQL database converted simultaneously
  • Column headings in each Excel Worksheet named after the MySQL table's Field Names
  • Excel Worksheets named automatically after the MySQL tables in the database.
  • Excel Worksheets ordered alphabetically in the Workbook
  • Excel file automatically saved to same folder as the application itself
  • Excel file saved in the format [MySQL Database Name].xls
  • No need for ODBC connection/ODBC drivers for MySQL
  • One-file .exe: Nothing to Install or Uninstall!
  • Low price

*It's recommended that you download and test the Demo Version before purchasing this product.